About Us

Footwear store. We sell high quality leather shoes at affordable prices. All the goods are in stock, we will ship in one day after payment. Made in Portugal

Sell worldwide quality items at affordable price.

Company Overview

We are a Portuguese company established since 2009. We sell in physical stores in Portugal and worldwide in internet.
Our main selling are leather products, primarily shoes and accessories.
Our products have very high quality and affordable prices.
We have all the goods we post in stock. We ship in 24h after payment and provide tracking number.
Payments must be by PayPal or bank transfer.
General Information
"Dress up your feet with shoes made in Portugal." Portugal has a strong heritage in shoe designing and manufacturing for the most important brands in the world. In the last years, brands re-invented themselves and there is a bloom of new designers. It's an explosion of quality, innovation, identity and reborn attitude. Our main goal it's to spread the word worldwide, and fulfill the worlds' eyes and feet with the best we've got. Welcome to our shoe world.